Coir Industry in India - An Overview

Date : 26-Jul-2011 Number of Views : 159675
Description : Coir is a natural fiber, extracted from the husk of coconut and used in products such as floor mats, doormats, brushes, mattresses etc. Technically, coir is the fibrous material found between the hard, internal shell and the outer coat of a coconut. Other uses of brown coir (made from rip...
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Visit Latin America with Indian Business Delegation

Date : 01-Apr-2011 Number of Views : 6938
Description : Indian merchandise export is rising at very encouraging rate, clocking 32% growth during Jan 2011 and an astounding 50% during Feb  2011. Indian merchandise export has already crossed USD 200 billion target and is set to touch USD 225 billion by the end of 2010-11 financial year. Fue...
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How to Mitigate Export Risks – Managing Currency Fluctuation

Date : 28-Jan-2011 Number of Views : 25349
Description : Export is supposedly a high risk and high return business. While there is unanimity on risk part – question mark hangs over high return part as negative change in exchange rate may ro...
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Letter of Credit - Beware of potential traps in L/C payment

Date : 25-Nov-2010 Number of Views : 28398
Description : ...
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Reaching Overseas Markets - A Low Cost Option

Date : 19-Nov-2010 Number of Views : 9142
Description : Every business wants to increase sales, reach new cust...
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How to Build Trust in E-Business

Date : 11-Nov-2010 Number of Views : 7022
Description : Business over Internet - known as e-commerce or e-business - has its own peculiarities. To be successful in e-business – its essential that you understand these peculiarities and adopt in your marketing plan.  First thing to understand about e-busi...
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Can Contract Farming be Viagra of Indian Agriculture

Date : 25-Mar-2010 Number of Views : 18876
Description : Falling rate of growth in agricultural output is a serious concern for Indian policy makers as agriculture sector employs around 60% of total workforce in India. Itcontributes around 17% of GDP and is mainly responsible for less than desirable growthrate in national GDP in spite...
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How to Minimise Export Risks

Date : 20-Jan-2010 Number of Views : 53559
Description : Export is considered a high-risk high-return business by many. Transacting business with an overseas partner thousands of miles away is a daunting factor for many. As a result, majority of SMEs are happy to supply locally and stay away from export. SMEs in India contribute 40% to th...
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How Indian Retailers are using Innovative Ways for Supply Chain Management

Date : 29-Dec-2009 Number of Views : 13446
Description : Supply chain management is a key success factor in organized retail. For competitive price - retailers need to buy directly from producers, avoiding middleman commissions. Worldwide, retailers tie-up with producers for bulk purchase of manufactured goods and agro commodities. Given land h...
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Steel Prices Set to Rise During 2010

Date : 23-Dec-2009 Number of Views : 8135
Description : Riding a rising consumption growth – steel prices are set to soar during 2010. Though recession and ensuing economic slowdown considerably dented consumption growth during 2008-09 its unlikely to influence demand-supply gap significantly in coming years. After reaching the highest point dur...
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